Supporting Novice Interpreters on the Journey from Graduation to Certification

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Join the Graduation to Certification Journey track.

This series of online modules is runs until December 2021 and has tracks for both hearing and deaf interpreters.

2021 GTC Activities

The Graduation to Certification program will continue to offer the GTC Journey Tracks from July through December 2021 for both hearing and deaf interpreters. We are also working on preparing our findings and resources to share with the field. Look for more information starting in August about these resources.

The Graduation to Certification Quest

The Power of Not Yet

“When we give ourselves permission to fail, we, at the same time, give ourselves permission to excel.” – Eloise Ristad

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With funding from the U.S. Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration, the Graduation to Certification program of the CATIE Center at St. Catherine University seeks, in part, to decrease the time between graduation and RID certification, and to diversify the interpreting profession. As we build our program, the underlying question driving our work is: How do we transform interpreter education?

In answering this question, we are inspired by Carol Dweck’s (2008) concept of “growth mindset” that views intelligence as something that can be developed through effort and learning. In a 2014 TED talk, Dweck shared the experience of a school that saw a rise in student achievement when it stopped using the grade “F” and replaced it with “Not Yet.” The Graduation to Certification program is bringing a “growth mindset” to the field of interpreter education. Through this process we recognize that our “failures” as a field are actually opportunities from which we learn, grow and develop through continued effort.

As a field, we haven’t failed in reaching our goals.  We just are not there…yet.

Dweck, Carol S.. (2008) Mindset: the new psychology of success New York : Ballantine Books

Click the button below to read more about how the CATIE Center is using the power of  “not yet” in our quest to build an effective program that helps our participants (and the interpreting field) use deliberate effort to grow, learn and move forward on a journey of professional development.

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More Information:

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Novice Interpreters

If you are a recent graduate of an interpreter education program or are about to graduate and are seeking RID Certification and looking to work with adults, this program is designed for you.

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Mentors and Language Coaches

We are building a network of resources to support novice interpreters in their journey from Graduation to Certification and beyond.

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Interpreting Agencies and Supervisors

We need a network of agencies interested in hosting a novice interpreter for a supervised field induction beginning in September of 2018.

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Educators and Academics

As we develop our program, we are incorporating evidence-based practices and evaluating what elements of the program are effective (and what are not.)  Learn more about how you can incorporate what we learn into your own program to increase your effectiveness.

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Questions or Comments

If you have questions, want more information, or want to get involved, please reach out.

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