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NMIP Curriculum

Under Construction The National Multicultural Interpreter Project was an RSA-funded project from 1996-2000.  As part of their work, they created a Multicultural Curriculum for Sign Language Interpreters. Click here for the complete curriculum. This page will include chapters in the curriculum as well as links to the video produced.

May 26, 2020

Facebook Group for CDIs

One of the aspects of the Graduation to Certification program is fostering a community of practice.  For Deaf Interpreters, one opportunity for such a community of practice is a Facebook group related to CDIs and Deaf interpreting. If you are looking for more resources on Deaf interpreting than you find here in the GTC resource library, please consider joining this group. [Image credit: the word could comes from […]

Word cloud with terms related to certified deaf interpreting

November 19, 2019

Moving On: Shareable GTC Resources

In June of 2019, the CATIE Center hosted an online course for interpreter educators to introduce a number of our free and shareable resources from the Graduation to Certification program.  We are making that course available as an archive for free access. You can see resources on: The science of successful learning Effective practice The GTC resource library Body language Individual development planning Join the Archived Course There is […]

Photo of drop in water with ripple with the words Moving On

October 29, 2019

Free Body Language Course on the Digestive System

Body language is a critical skill when it comes to communicating in almost any language.  For novice interpreters, the CATIE Center is excited to offer a GTC Journey Track version of a course designed for you to take your skills to the next level in talking about the human body.   Body Language:  No More Digestive Distress is a free Canvas course designed to help you improve your ability […]

Screen shot of home page for module - with images of healthcare lattice, stomach, colon, and digestive system

October 25, 2019

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