Welcome to the Graduation to Certification (GTC) Journey Track

An African-American man wearing a pink button-down shirt stands signing in front of a black backgroundYou have registered to be a part of the GTC Journey track. The resources we will share are designed to support novice interpreters on their professional development journey. Our first message is about the importance of a “community of practice.”

This concept is rooted in a social theory of learning that has four components (Wegner, 1998):

  • Meaning: learning as experience
  • Practice: learning as doing
  • Community: learning as belonging
  • Identity: learning as becoming

Community: learning as belonging

Over the course of the year, we will be sharing resources and activities that address all four components of learning. To be begin, we offer a forum for building community and making connections.

Click here to join the free online forum in Canvas where you can connect with others on a similar journey.

In addition to this online forum, we encourage you to identify one person to serve as a “co-mentor” with you. You will check in with this person about professional development activities you plan to do over the course of the year. Malcolm and Russell (2013) describe such a relationship being about “accountability in action.” Having someone who will ask how you are doing on a project will increase the likelihood of you completing it, and at the same time increase your satisfaction with your work. Malcolm and Russell put it this way:

Co-mentoring is a valuable process for furthering professional growth and self-reflection…the benefits may include increased satisfaction in their work lives, increased momentum on project work, and opportunities to hone self-analysis and reflection skills. (p.103)

Within the online forum, there are resources you can use to structure a co-mentoring relationship that is mutually beneficial.

Ultimately, this is about a journey that you are undertaking. All of us at the CATIE Center hope to support and encourage you in the same spirit of the poet Nikki Giovanni (2003), who wrote:

It’s a journey
that I propose.
I am not the guide
nor the technical assistant.
I will be your fellow passenger…

Read the entire English poem here.

An ASL Translation of “A Journey”

Once again, welcome to this journey. Whether you are a novice interpreter beginning your entry to practice, or someone who works with novice interpreters to support them, we are glad to be on this path with you.


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About the GTC Project

The St. Catherine University CATIE Center, Graduation to Certification project is funded by the US Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration, #H160C160001.

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