A close-up image of a set of hands holding a map showing a grid of city streetsNew Free Course & GTC Journey FB Group

This message contains information about two new free resources you can use immediately!

  1. A Canvas course on Effective Learning and Practice
  2. GTC Journey Track Facebook Group – Community of Practice

See below for details!

Exciting energy

We plan to have regular email messages sharing information on key features in the GTC Journey designed to support your trek toward certification. We really appreciate the energy, excitement and commitment you have already shown. This has come across clearly from those of you who joined the first Canvas course and in the response to our first message for the GTC Journey track.  

Effective Learning and Practice

Panel of three images with Eileen Forestal on the left, Peter Brown in the Center, and Janis Cole on the right. Image descriptions at bottom of page.

We are excited to offer a new course on Effective Learning and Practice that consists of Module 1:  The Science of Successful Learning and Module 2: Effective Practice for Interpreter Skill Development. The course has content in ASL and English and contains interactive exercises for you to test the knowledge you are gaining.  After you complete the course, you will understand how you can make your learning and practice more effective. Since we know your time is valuable, making your practice time as efficient as possible is critical as you continue on your journey to certification and beyond.

We estimate that the course will take 3-4 hours to complete and we recommend spreading it out over the course of 2 weeks. It is designed so that you can complete it independently, or you can interact with other people in the discussion forums. You may start the course anytime after signing up.  All that is required to sign up is to have a Free Canvas Account. If you already signed up for the GTC Journey Track, you can use the same account and both courses will show up in your Canvas dashboard.

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Click here to join the “Effective Learning and Practice” course.  

Community of Practice – GTC Journey Facebook Group

Many of you expressed interest in a Facebook group to facilitate communication. The CATIE Center decided that it would be easiest if we created a group to offer you. We do not have the resources to facilitate the group and if you need our assistance, please continue to use the Support Forum in the GTC Journey Track course.  

Facebook logo with white "f" on blue background

Join the GTC Journey Facebook Group.

What’s Ahead

We are preparing a series of resources for the Journey track and we wanted to give you a preview of what you can expect.  The dates are estimates.

  • Introduction to the GTC Resource Library (February 20)
  • Introduction to the Individual Development Plan process and resources ( March 6)
  • Body Language: A Cardio Workout  (This is an online workshop learning how to talk about anatomy in American Sign Language.)  (March 20)
  • Strategies for Working with Interpreting Mentors & ASL coaches (April 10)

Because of the grant funding, there are no costs for any of these resources.  

Past GTC Journey Track Announcements

You can view all the messages related to the GTC Journey track here.  

Image Descriptions:

Image 1: A close-up image of a set of hands holding a map showing a grid of city streets.

Image 2: Eileen Forestal, a white woman with short brown hair, stands in front of a grey background.  She is in the midst of signing “group.” Two white C’s – part of the CATIE Center logo is in the upper right hand corner.

Image 3: Peter Brown, a white man with white beard, mustache and hair, wearing a blue sport coat and plaid shirt sits in front of a bookcase and speaks.  The image shows captions from a video reading “It’s that effort to recall, explain, relate, put in our own words.”

Image 4:  Janis Cole, a white woman with brown hair pulled in a bun wearing glasses and a grey shirt stands in front of a black background. She is in the midst of signing about neural activity in the brain.  Two white C’s – part of the CATIE Center logo is in the upper right hand corner.

Image 5: a teal button with white letters that read “SIGN UP”

Image 6: The “f” logo from Facebook – a white “f” on a blue square background

About the GTC Project

The St. Catherine University CATIE Center, Graduation to Certification project is funded by the US Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration, #H160C160001.

Although these contents were developed under a grant from the Department of Education, they do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal government.