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GTC Journey Track

Looking down at the legs and shoes of two people standing on a sidewalk with the words Designed for self-starters, participants in this track will access resources from the Graduation to Certification program to move on a self-directed journey from graduation to certification. This track offers great flexibility and rewards, regardless of your location, where you are on your path, and your timeline for certification. It is ideal for novice interpreters who would like to work at their own pace.

Plans for 2021

We will have two tracks:  one for hearing interpreters and one for deaf interpreters.  There may be some overlap, but from our pilot cohort with DIs, the CATIE Center recognizes that Deaf interpreters often have a different path to certification.

This year, we will be offering a module with light facilitation and the opportunity for ACET continuing education credit each month.


Deaf Interpreter Track

Hearing Interpreter Track


Deliberate Practice for Deaf Interpreters

Effective Learning and Practice


Deaf Perspectives on Translation

Translation Strategies:  ASL to English


DeafBlind Interpreting Modules

A Month-long Plan:  Fingerspelled Word Recognition, Classifiers, and Composure


Body Language for Deaf Interpreters: Cardio

Body Language for Hearing Interpreters:  Cardio

May & June

Listen Well:  Engaging Black Deaf Perspectives and
CASLI Performance Preparation for Deaf Interpreters

Listen Well:  Engaging Black Deaf Perspectives and
NIC Interview & Performance Certification Exam Preparation

GTC Journey Track Resources

All of the resources we offered last year will remain open for people to register and use.  However, there will be no support or facilitation in those courses.

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