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The CATIE Center is offering its GTC Journey track access to a course on CDI Exam preparation.  We are excited to announce that Naomi Sheneman will be facilitating this version of the module. She has been integral in the development of these modules. From October 4-November 21, Naomi will engaged with participants in the module for the week, as well as in an “Ask Naomi” support forum if your schedule does not coincide with the standard schedule.

Included in the course are the following modules:

  • Module 1: Preparing for the CDI Test Prep Series (10/4-10/10)
  • Module 2: Interpreting Sample Set and Assessment 1 (Baseline) (10/11-10/17)
  • Module 3: Gap Test(10/18-10/24)
  • Module 4: Methods of Message Transfer (10/25-10/31)
  • Module 5: Practicing Performance Skills (11/1-11/7)
  • Module 6: Interpreting Sample Set & Assessment 2 (Putting it all together) (11/8-11/14)
  • Module 7: Wrapping up the Course (11/15-11/21)

About the Facilitator

Naomi Sheneman has been working professionally in the interpreting profession since 2000 in various roles: as a consultant, researcher, educator, interpreter diagnostician, and interpreter. She is the first deaf woman to receive a Ph.D. degree in Interpretation from Gallaudet University in 2018. Her dissertation explored deaf cancer patients’ experiences with interpreted medical texts. She gives presentations and trainings both nationally and internationally focusing on ethics, deaf interpreters’ work, power dynamics in interpretation, and medical interpreting. Her publications include a study on Deaf interpreters’ ethics, interpreting in international conferences, and power imbalances in interactions between deaf people and interpreters. Her most recent publication with John Benjamins Publishing Company argued for the need for critical disability lenses in interpretation and translation for both spoken and signed languages.

Certificate of Completion & CEUs

This course is being offered for CEUS through RID’s ACET program.  (For certified members in the CMP program, this is not an opportunity for you to earn CEUs as the focus of the Journey track is for novice interpreters working toward certification.)

To earn CEUs, you must complete this course by November 30, 2021.

RID CEUs are sponsored by the St. Catherine University, an approved RID sponsor for continuing education activities. This activity has been approved for 1.5 CEUs in professional studies and assumes some knowledge content.

Join the Canvas Course

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