Split screen of Zoom discussion with Naomi Sheneman, Benj Swindle, and Raychelle Harris. See below for detailed visual description.Deaf Perspectives on Translation

Are you a deaf interpreter working toward certification?  Interested in learning more about translation and how that can be part of a deaf interpreter’s career?  Try this free course from the CATIE Center and join with other novice interpreters who are also on the journey toward certification.

2021 GTC Journey Tracks for Deaf Interpreters

August’s offering for the GTC Journey Track for Deaf interpreters is a course focused on deaf perspectives on translation.  The course will have active facilitation until February 28. It features the perspectives and work of Jeremy Quiroga, Naomi Sheneman, Raychelle Harris, Benj Swindle, and Ritchie Bryant.

Workshop/Course Description

This online course introduces deaf interpreters to translating English texts into ASL with perspectives from a variety of experienced deaf translators and interpreters. Jeremy Quiroga explains his approach to translation which includes working in chunks, checking your work, using a back translation for comparison, and revising the translation. Participants will learn about this process from Jeremy, see an example of it in example, and then apply it to a variety of short English texts.  Additionally, Naomi Sheneman, Benj Swindle and Raychelle Harris share perspectives on translating an article for an academic journal and the participants can apply what they learn by translating a section of that journal article.

Educational Objectives

Successful participants will be able to:

  • explain the translation process as suggested by Jeremy Quiroga;
  • compare and contrast an original English source text and a back translation;
  • prepare and revise translations;
  • identify the value of collaborative approaches to translation; and
  • compare and contrast translations to other participants’ work.

Certificate of Completion & CEUs

Logo with the word ACET with arrow through it and the words ASSOCIATE CONTINUING EDUCATION TRACKING below itThis course is being offered for CEUS through RID’s ACET program.  (For certified members in the CMP program, this is not an opportunity for you to earn CEUs as the focus of the Journey track is for novice interpreters working toward certification.)

RID CEUs are sponsored by the St. Catherine University, an approved RID sponsor for continuing education activities. This activity has been approved for 1.0 CEUs in professional studies and assumes some knowledge content.

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