Effective Learning and Practice

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The CATIE Center has created a course on Effective Learning and Practice that consists of

  • Module 1:  The Science of Successful Learning and
  • Module 2: Effective Practice for Interpreter Skill Development.

The course has content in ASL and English and contains interactive exercises for you to test the knowledge you are gaining.  After you complete the course, you will understand how you can make your learning and practice more effective. Since we know your time is valuable, making your practice time as efficient as possible is critical as you continue on your journey to certification and beyond.

We estimate that the course will take 3-4 hours to complete and we recommend spreading it out over the course of 2 weeks. It is designed so that you can complete it independently, or you can interact with other people in the discussion forums. You may start the course anytime after signing up.  All that is required to sign up is to have a Free Canvas Account. If you already signed up for the GTC Journey Track, you can use the same account and both courses will show up in your Canvas dashboard.

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