Deliberate Practice for Deaf Interpreters

[Image description:  Jenny Smith-Hastings, a white woman with red hair in a bun, wearing a black short-sleeve shirt sits and signs an invitation for deaf interpreters to join this course facilitated by Jenny and Doug Bowen-Bailey.]

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[Image Description: The image has four clips from videos. On the left, Rachel Herring, a white woman with short brown hair wearing wire-rimmed glasses and a black sweater with buttons down the gestures with her hands while speaking; JV Featherstone, a white man with short brown hair wearing a red and grey argyle sweater signs in front of a tan wall; Peter C. Brown, a white man with white hair and mustache and beard wearing a checked blue and white button down shirt with a blue blazer, sits in front of a shelf full of psychology books; Eileen Forestal, a white woman with short brown hair wearing a black shirt signs in front of a grey backdrop.]

2021 GTC Journey Tracks for Deaf Interpreters

The July offering for the GTC Journey Track for Deaf interpreters is a course focused on deliberate practice for deaf interpreters.

Workshop/Course Description

This online workshop consists of four modules with a series of interactive activities, readings and videos to provide information, and discussions/assignments to apply the learning practices.  The course begins looking at deliberate practice and how important it is for deaf interpreters. Information and activities about deliberate practice is mixed in with information from Peter Brown, author of Make it Stick:  The Science of Successful Learning.   Participants will be asked to engage with the ideas by creating summaries in alternate languages about information.

Educational Objectives

Successful participants will be able to:

  • list four big ideas about the science of successful learning;
  • describe the difference between unfocused and deliberate practice;
  • practice describing ideas related to successful learning and deliberate practice in both ASL and English,
  • identify at least 5 activities for future professional development.


This course will have facilitation by Jenny Smith-Hastings, GTC Program Specialist, and Doug Bowen-Bailey, Instructional Designer, with the CATIE Center at St. Catherine University.
Jenny and Doug will facilitate from July 1-31, 2021. If you have any questions, contact

Certificate of Completion & CEUs

Logo with the word ACET with arrow through it and the words ASSOCIATE CONTINUING EDUCATION TRACKING below it

This course is being offered for CEUS through RID’s ACET program for novice interpreters working toward certification. (For certified members in the CMP program, this is not an opportunity for you to earn CEUs.)
RID CEUs are sponsored by the St. Catherine University, an approved RID sponsor for continuing education activities. This activity has been approved for .8 CEUs in professional studies and assumes some knowledge content.
To earn CEUs, you need to complete the activities by August 7, 2021. The course will remain open after that, but you will not be able to earn credit.

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