Resources for Educators from the GTC Program

nterlocking C's with the words "CATIE Center" above "Graduation to Certification"The Graduation to Certification (GTC) program from the CATIE Center at St. Catherine University is continuing to identify strategies and develop resources to support novice interpreters as they enter the field.  This article has the following:

  • Resources you can use and share with your students and novice interpreters you work with
  • […]

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GTC Presentations at 2019 RID Conference

At the 2019 RID Conference in Providence, RI, the CATIE Center and its partners provided a Graduation to Certification track for American Sign Language (ASL-English) interpreters who are working toward certification.

This page contains handouts and presentation slides for each workshop.

For more available resource, check out the following:

Emerging Practitioners: Preparing for the 2020 Exams

Guided Self-Assessment

Presentation by Holly Nelson, Marlee Dyce & […]

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Archived Webinar on VRI for Vocational Rehabilitation Settings

This webinar was originally delivered in 2012.

This webinar discusses recognizing, managing and minimizing the challenges of and maximizing opportunities by providing remote interpreting services to clients of vocational rehabilitation services who live in rural and remote areas. The presenters examine necessary knowledge, skill and experience found at the intersection of the vocational rehabilitation context and the use of video technology for delivery of interpreting services.

Webinar Resources

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Reflections on “Make It Stick”

Suzanne Ehrlich headshotby Suzanne Ehrlich, EdD
Assistant Professor, University of North Florida

English Reflection

Click on the toggle below to read Suzanne’s written reflection.

An English Reflection

Pedagogical strategies are abundant in today’s world, and knowing which are best applied becomes the greater challenge. When participating in the think tank and reviewing the […]

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Working Together: Interpreting Issues in the African American/Black Community – Anthony Aramburo

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Series:”Working Together: Interpreting Issues in the AfricanAmerican/Black Community” Anthony Aramburo, Presenter[Videotape].El Paso, TX: El Paso Community College. TRT 26:51 Spoken English with OpenCaptions.

Segment One:”An Educational Path to Interpreting'”‘

Segment Two:”History of NAOBI – Anthony Aramburo, President

Segment Three: “WorkingTogether:Interpreting Issues in the African American/BlackCommunity”

The three segments were designed to give an overview to interpreting within the AfricanAmerican/Black […]

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Asian Values and Interpreting Issues – Jan Nishimura

National Multicultural Interpreter Project (2000).
Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Series: Asian Values and Interpreting Issues – Jan Nishimura [Videotape].
El Paso, TX: El PasoCommunityCollege. (TRT:68Spoken Englishand Open Captioned)

This is a lecture on Asian values and interpreting issues from the perspective of theNMIP Asian/Pacific Islander Team Leader – Jan Nishimura. The lecture material can be used for English text analysis,ASL interpreting practice both consecutive and simultaneous,and for building […]

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