Listen Well: Engaging with Black Deaf Perspectives

Amplifying Black Deaf Perspectives

The death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 under the knee of an officer of the Minneapolis Police Department sparked action in support of Black lives in Minnesota and around the world. While not a new movement, it has taken on a new intensity and challenged many communities and organizations to reckon with racism and white supremacy.   This is true for the deaf and […]

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Justice in July: A Canvas Course

Photo of a black man wearing a black hoodie posted in a bus stop next to a poster with the words Justice for George Floyd

The CATIE Center at St. Catherine University is about 5 miles from the site in Minneapolis where George Floyd was killed in May. Like many organizations and individuals, we have been wrestling with how best to respond […]

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Body Language Course on the Cardiovascular System-2020

Four images shown with links underneath them from Body Language course home pageBody language is a critical skill when it comes to communicating in almost any language, but this is not about talking with but about the human body.  For novice interpreters, the CATIE Center is excited to offer a GTC Journey Track version of a course designed […]

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Free course: Deaf Perspectives on Translation

Split screen of Zoom discussion with Naomi Sheneman, Benj Swindle, and Raychelle Harris. See below for detailed visual description.Deaf Perspectives on Translation

Are you a deaf interpreter working toward certification?  Interested in learning more about translation and how that can be part of a deaf interpreter’s career?  Try this free course from the CATIE Center and join with other novice interpreters who […]

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Free course: Translation Process-ASL to English

A Korean-American man with short grey hair wearing a black shirt signs in front of a grey backgroundTranslation Process: ASL to English

Looking for a way to strengthen your comprehension of ASL and build on the strength of your English?  Try this free course from the CATIE Center and join with other novice interpreters who are also on the journey toward certification.

2020 […]

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Free course: Deliberate Practice for Deaf Interpreters – GTC 2020

Deliberate Practice for Deaf Interpreters

Four people are shown in a montage of still shots from videos.

[Image Description: The image has four clips from videos. On the left, Rachel Herring, a white woman with short brown hair wearing wire-rimmed glasses and a black sweater with buttons down the gestures with her hands while speaking; JV Featherstone, a white man with short brown hair […]

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2020 GTC Journey Tracks for DIs and HIs

2020 GTC Journey Tracks for Deaf and Hearing Interpreters

  • Are you a deaf or hearing interpreter working toward certification?
  • Have you completed your initial 40 hour training as a deaf interpreter?
  • Have you graduated from an interpreter education program?
  • Are you on an alternative pathway to a bachelor’s degree?
  • Are you looking for some structure to support your practice?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider signing […]
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