Updated for 2021

This post has been updated January 12, 2021.  A number of people have asked for this GoReact course to be started again.  You can now access a course that starts January 12 and will be available through December 31, 2021.

Cartoon graphic of GoReact interface with presentation on left side of screen, an interpreter in the center, and comment panel on right side.

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Did you find GoReact to be a useful tool in your interpreter education program?  Did you not have a chance to use it and are curious to give it a try? (If you want to learn more about what GoReact is and how it can be used for your professional development as a novice interpreter, click here.)

To accompany the GTC Journey Track, the CATIE Center created an opportunity for you to use GoReact with all of the GTC Journey Track resources. The graphic below shows how you will be able to use one GoReact course with multiple Journey Track resources as well as your own independent activities.

Graphic with oval on left with words GoReact Course and lines connecting to rectangles on right with names of different GTC Journey track resources.

Within this GoReact course, activities will be provided for you to create and analyze interpreting and language samples.  We will add to this as the year continues. Each activity will also have two options: one marked (Shared) which allows you to discuss your work with other members in the GTC Journey track and one marked (Private) which will not allow other Journey track members to see your work.

Mentor and Coach

If you are working with an interpreting mentor and/or ASL coach, they will be able to join the course for free to give you feedback.  When you complete the registration form to get your own access, you will receive a message with a link that you can forward to a mentor or coach about how they can sign up for access to see your work.  They will need to complete a form that indicates their agreement that they will only review your work – and not look at other novice interpreters work without permission. The CATIE Center will follow up with the coach/mentor to provide them access to the course.  

Costs and Payment

  • If you bought a multiple-year license for GoReact while you were in your IEP and it has not expired, you will be able to access this GTC Journey Track GoReact course at no additional cost.
  • If you do not currently have a license for GoReact and would like to purchase one, you can buy one from GoReact.  It is $65 and will last for 1 year.
  • If you do not have a GoReact account, you will be prompted to create one and then asked for payment by GoReact.  

Is GoReact Required?

Using GoReact is optional. If you have used it before, you might find it beneficial as you move through the Journey Track. However, you can access all the activities and benefit from all of them without GoReact.  It is just an option. All of the activities are available for free in the GTC Resource Library or in Canvas.