2020 GTC Journey Tracks for Deaf and Hearing Interpreters

  • Are you a deaf or hearing interpreter working toward certification?
  • Have you completed your initial 40 hour training as a deaf interpreter?
  • Have you graduated from an interpreter education program?
  • Are you on an alternative pathway to a bachelor’s degree?
  • Are you looking for some structure to support your practice?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider signing up for a 2020 GTC Journey Track. This year, we will be offering one for deaf interpreters and one for hearing interpreters. We will be offering a module a month for each track with light facilitation. You will be able to earn a certificate of completion and credit in RID’s ACET program if you are part of that. (No CEUs will be available for the CMP program as our target audience is interpreters who are not yet certified.)

February’s Offerings

Starting next week, we will offer the following courses:
  • Deaf Interpreter Track: Deliberate Practice for Deaf Interpreters
  • Hearing Interpreter Track: Effective Learning and Practice
The courses will remain open after February, but there will not be any facilitation.


To sign up for either the Deaf Interpreter or Hearing Interpreter track, please visit:

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