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2019 GTC Journey Track Registration

  • Welcome!

    Thank you for your interest in joining the GTC Journey track with the Graduation to Certification (GTC) program. You will have access to the following materials:

    • Information on the science of successful learning.
    • Online assessment form & S.M.A.R.T. Goal generator
    • The GTC Resource library full of learning activities and media.
    • The self-paced Body Language module.
    • The self-paced NIC Test Prep module.
    • A community of practice for you to share questions, ideas, and resources with other novice interpreters.
    • Tips for finding an ASL coach and an interpreter mentor.
    • A self-guided online module on service learning to build relationships with deaf people in your area.
    • A guidebook with ideas for developing a supervised interpreting placement.

    By registering, you will receive monthly updates from the CATIE Center on resource development as well as suggestions for professional development.

  • By submitting this form and registering for the GTC Journey track, you are agreeing to have the CATIE Center contact you via email to share information and resources with you.