Cooking with Classifiers (Poached Salmon)

Developed by Roberto Santiago Competencies Addressed:  Depiction in ASL Time Required for Activity: 40-60 mins Objective:  To determine and incorporate locative, descriptive and instrument classifiers in consecutive interpreting. In this activity, you will practice interpreting a procedural text explaining how to cook poached salmon.   Prediction You will watch a video from Jamie Oliver's Food [...]

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ASL to English: Interpret: The Beldon’s First Delivery

In this video, Egina and Jimmy discuss the birth of their first child.  (This video comes from All in Due Time:  Perspectives on Childbirth from Deaf Parents.) Objectives: to create an English interpretation with semantic equivalence for an ASL conversation; to included fingerspelled items in an English interpretation Time: This activity will take approximately [...]

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