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Understanding Language Register in English

Definition Examples This style of communication rarely or never changes and thus is ‘frozen’ in time and content. Wedding vows, Miranda rights, Lord’s Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, historical speeches Definition Examples This language is used in formal settings and is one-way in nature. This use of language usually follows a commonly accepted format. [...]

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GTC Consortium Roundtable Attendees

Christine Monikowski, Just retired from National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID)/Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT); Interpreter educator (New York) Elizabeth Winston, Director, Project TIEM (Colorado) Suzanne Ehrlich, University of North Florida Leslie Greer, CIT President (California) Lisa Bolding Ballenger, Interpretek (Missouri/Kansas) Jenn Maloney, Partners Interpreting (Massachusetts) Lance Pickett, StreetLeverage (Utah) Carole [...]

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About the Comparison Group

We will select 14 interpreters for both the Graduation to Certification program and the GTC comparison group.  Interpreters in the GTC comparison group will complete the same pre- and post-evaluation measures as the GTC program group. Those in the GTC comparison group will have their RID performance test paid for by the grant, similar to [...]

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Apply for GTC Pilot Program

While this is a pilot program and we will be learning about how much time it actually takes in 2018, the graphic below describes the different components built into the program and our best estimate of the minimum amount of time it will take. Overall time commitment will vary between 10–25 hours per week, [...]

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Cooking with Classifiers (Poached Salmon)

Developed by Roberto Santiago Competencies Addressed:  Depiction in ASL Time Required for Activity: 40-60 mins Objective:  To determine and incorporate locative, descriptive and instrument classifiers in consecutive interpreting. In this activity, you will practice interpreting a procedural text explaining how to cook poached salmon.   Prediction You will watch a video from Jamie Oliver's Food [...]

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Information for Consortium Roundtable

GTC Consortium Roundtable Online Hub Below are some images from December 1-2, 2017 gathering in Salt Lake City, UT.  Thanks to Bill Millios for sharing his photography skills. You might need to refresh your slides often. As we will be updating the presentation throughout the day. Peter Brown's slides will be included [...]

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Learning about ASL semantics in “Wrong signs in ASL”

Developed by Mark Halley Competencies Addressed:  ASL semantics Time Required for Activity: 15 mins Objective: To identify the ASL semantics of three signs and how they might influence interpreting work. In this video, Dr. Byron Bridges discusses three ‘wrong’ ASL signs. He urges adults who work with deaf children to help ensure children do [...]

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